Although I am a wanderer by nature, born and educated in Britain – all over Britain – I’ve been teaching in Berlin for over twenty-five years and retired for three. Without moving from the spot where I now live, near Krumme Lanke, the idea slowly grew that it would be a good idea to set up groups with people of my own age who would like to do with me what I can do best: teach/learn English.

Thus were the English for Over-Sixties born.

I have had some groups in the Steglitz library and some in the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt congregation beside Onkel-Toms-Hütte U-Bahnhof, Onkel-Toms-Straße 80.  Groups three and four meet in E.M.A.

The courses in the library (group one and group two) will close at the end of July because of a shortage of rooms.

As from October 10th there will be a course in the afternoons at 14.30 for lower intermediate under the aegis of the Mittelhof. You have to pay for a course of 10 lessons to them (25 euros). In due course I’ll post the organisational proceedure. You will have to pay me for photocpies on top of that.

I’m planning to add a varied and varying period from 16.00 – 17.00 depending on demand – may be for discussing burrent films, books, plays……

or in the spring to plan a trip to GB somewhere.

The READING GROUP is also moving from the library to the Ladenstraße and will meet on the third Monday in the month at the old time.

Reading Group

This Reading Group has moved from the Steglitz library to Shop 10 in the Ladenstraße (near to Riemeisterstraße) : MittelhofKIEZladen, Onkel-Toms-Hütte (U-Banhof). 10 Kiezladen Mittelhof Inh. Stadtteilzentrum Mittelhof e.V. Ladenstraße 27/28, 14169 Berlin The first in the Ladenstraße was on 16th October – the third Monday. People attending the meetings – always on the third Monday in …

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Group Four

Welcome to 2018 and Our Souls at Night’. Please read up to page 14 for 18th January The English saying “no pain, no gain” is our motto : we’re confident, cheerful , eager Over-Sixties.  Alison  teaches us weekly : vocabulary, discussion, tenses and reading/writing stories. It’s easier said than done remembering it all. But, chin …

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