Although I am a wanderer by nature, born and educated in Britain – all over Britain – I’ve been teaching in Berlin for over twenty-five years and retired for three. Without moving from the spot where I now live, near Krumme Lanke, the idea slowly grew that it would be a good idea to set up groups with people of my own age who would like to do with me what I can do best: teach/learn English.

Thus were the English for Over-Sixties born.

The demand seems to be huge. Let me know if you would like to join. As you will see there are groups of different standards.

Reading Group

This is  N O T  a blog and I do not read the comments – many of which try to sell me medicaments. So don’t bother trying! Do you enjoy reading English-language fiction? Do you have lots of ideas about authors and writing? Reading Group in der Ingeborg-Drewitz-Bibliothek. Always the last Monday in the month …

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Group Four

The English saying “no pain, no gain” is our motto : we’re confident, cheerful , eager Over-Sixties.  Alison  teaches us weekly : vocabulary, discussion, tenses and reading/writing stories. It’s easier said than done remembering it all. But, chin up, take your time. You’ll be motivated and learn stresslessly and regularly. Christa-Maria and Reinhard Rieck. (50 …

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