Group one

This group  closed at the end of July 2017.

Group One Tuesdays from 10.15 – 11.45 Upper Intermediate,

Stadtbücherei Steglitz „Schloss“, 3. Stock

We so enjoyed Kurt’s sense of humour, preserved through so much experience – over 92 years – admired and loved him – and hope he is now released from all suffering.   He died last week at the age of 92.

There are several individual characters In my group including our teacher who is always very well-prepared. Our discussions are very stimulating and very healthy for our brains.

One of us is a writer, she tells us about her youth in Berlin before the Second World War, another is a vet with experience of life in the GDR before the wall was built. One man is always joking and asking interesting questions, another is an Analyst of English words and a third always comes to our lessons by bicycle. One female participant looks deep in your eyes and can give you advice as to how to improve your eyesight. Two of the ladies are in a philosophy course and read a lot.

Afterwards some of us have a coffee in the bar in the library. It´s fun. I´m very grateful to be in this group and to improve my English stress-free.”  Hike Volland

These are men and women who are interested in everyday affairs – economic, political and so on and who can read a newspaper or listen to one minute or 5minutes from the BBCwith some vocabulary help from me. We read, listen to and discuss articles often from the Weekly Guardian or the BBC.

Here are two people doing pairwork. The elderly Kurt (seen here) has said his farewells but we have fond hopes that he might return for a final final round some time!


And, of course, we look at words we like and try different methods of remembering how to use them, for example:

Take ten new words you want to learn.

Choose two to translate into German.

Choose two you find a synonym for.

Choose two you can find an antonym for (an opposite)

Choose two you can draw!

Choose ten you can define (explain).

After you have done that you will probably find you remember the words.

By the way I have started putting stuff onto the ‘News’ or ‘interesting’ page.

From the end of November we read some  Winter Tales by Lari Don.

THE HUNGRY POLAR BEAR for December 6th

and the Hero with the Hairy Legs and The Spiders’ Christmas for December 13th.

On December 20th we just had fun.  Fotos to follow.


Happy New Year!


Basically: Feb 14th Stirling

Feb 28th Glasgow

March 14th

Immediately after that the places we may go to on trips.

For Feb 28th please read up about museums in Glasgow and look where they are on the maps.

Which of them will you have time to see as well as having tea at Miss Cranston’s Tearooms? (If you wish to!)

wee Glasgow maps

Tour map 2014 glasgow

Glasgow map with key to sights

Charles Rennie Mackintosh:     Image result for Charles Rennie Mackintosh pitkin guide

Here is a film about him spoken in Glaswegian: Exclusive Charles Rennie MacIntosh tour Glasgow Scotland

These are the Mackintosh tea-rooms in GlasgowImage result for Charles Rennie Mackintosh pitkin guide

Image result for Charles Rennie Mackintosh pitkin guide      Image result for Charles Rennie Mackintosh pitkin guide

This is at Bannockburn, part of Stirling,  and has nothing to do with Mackintosh!

You all have plenty on Edinburgh. One thing to watch (and listen to) is about Grey Friars Bobby and how he is celebrated every year – also listening pracitce:

I will add a few more things as time goes on.

One can also find out more

and  find out if one really want to go to the ‘Bannockburn Experience’ by watching

As far as I was concerned it was an expensive and time-consuming mistake

b u t

it was an eye-opener to watch people taking part in the re-enacatment of the battle. Each of you gets a part and you re-run the battle to see if you can get a different outcome. WHen I was there a small boy was horrified about being given the role of the ENglish king. His grandfather quickly consoled him and exchanged roles.

For John Knox look at:

Here you see thick walls – not unusual- but they are at the top of a huge hill – but they were built when Henry VIII (England) wanted his toddler son to be engaged to marry the baby Mary Stewart. Because his diplomacy had no effect he became violent – sending troops etc so they build this thick wall at the top of Stirling Rock. The period of history is called ‘The rough wooing’. (to woo = werben um)

The above wall is below the castle you can see here below:

You might have thought it was enough. :      Image result for stirling castle drawings

It’s below this:

Image result for stirling castle wall

We have finished reading Dick King-Smith’s ‘Water-Horse’

and have now moved onto some short stories by Colm Toibin. Plenty have people saw the film ‘Brooklyn’ or read ‘Nora Webster’. We will be reading the stories in his volume ‘Mothers and Sons’, reporting on how we find them, and then choosing one or two to  a l l  read and discuss.

For Tuesday 20th please read ‘A Summer Job’ and for the week after at least start to read ‘A Priest in the Family’.

A Journey Toibin text

A Song Toibin

A Summer Job text Toibin

For July 11th  H E Bates Silas the Good

For July 18th : right hand column for July 18th

We will meet once more on July 25th, those of us who are in Berlin.

Here is what to read: green part one 

It is the first part of a story by Grahame Green.  We’ll read the second part together in class on 25th.

Sadly, sadly, we have to leave our room in the library at the end of July and this group will cease to exist.

Wow – what a brilliant five years we have had!