Group three

Group Three Thursdays 10.30 – 12.00  Upper Intermediate,

Bibliothek, Gemeindehaus, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Gemeinde,

Onkel-Tom-Straße 80, 14169 Berlin

This is a group of people who are interested in all the usual things which will help them improve and remember their English. Some want to use their English travelling or talking to visitors, some need it for relatives-in-law and some…….

A lot of the time they are talking in groups of twos and threes.


Welcome to 2016 – and Neil McGregor’s  ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’

which is published as a book made from his 2010 broadcasts on BBC. Here are the useful links either to download as a pdf or to look up individually:

links for ‘´McGregor A History of the World

1) Home:

So here you can find the podcasts, lists, pictures (but not directly the transcripts)


= list of 100 objects and possibilities of getting to other pages


= where you can go to download podcasts of McGregor’s talks

4) In order to find a transcript you need to go to

then choose the episode or object you want,

click onto that

then scroll to the bottom of the4 page and

click on: “Transcript

Read the programme transcript“ – which will take you to the individual transcript.

 the Victorian Teaset –


 the Lewis Chessmen -

Welcome to 2017!

We’ve read: Haruf’s ‘Our Souls at Night’ and ‘Daddy Long Legs’.

Now we are looking at a couple of newspaper articles – but this also involves an incursion (AUgust 3rd)  into Neil McGregor’s 100 Objects – Number 93 – Hokusai’s Wave

: Hokusai – glossary  100 Objects 93 Hokusai’s Great Wave

From October 2017 we’ll be talking about Tim Harford’s FIFTY THINGS that made the modern economy.

This is a BBC production which includes 50 + 1 podcasts and several articles that can be found on the BBC website (. pages Tim Harford 50 Thins

Here are the first pages of text which go with the six programmes we have chosen to listen to in the coming weeks: 41,36,21, 16, 3,2 of 50 Things by Tim Harford

On October 5th. we  listened to what Tim Harford has to say about ‘Billy Bookcases’ You can find the podcasts on the internet at:

On October 12th we first of all exchanged experiences and opinions of IKEA both first hand and what you have read since last week.

Then we  discussed the first pages and first chapter (of Harford’s whole book) – with the title “The Plough”.

Then we moved (slowly) on to the gramaphone. (Number 2) SLowly, because we all had so much to say.

On October 19th we talked a lot about what kind of things we listen to and whether we prefer to listen live or with the help of a technological device (where we could still listen live, eg a footbal match or the proms in London).

We didn’t finish listening.

Here is the podcast 50ThingsThatMadeTheModernEconomy-20170325-Gramophone

if you want to listen at home.  And here is the last page: p. 18 and 19 gramaphone for you to read .

Here is the lesson from Oct 19th: group three oct 19th

Here is what we did on 26th Oct: group three oct 24th

We will then movied on to Barbed Wire.Here is the text: 3 Barbed Wire Tim Harford

Below are  the podcast      and  the text in a different form (but the same):


barbed wire

Here is the lesson for Nov 2nd which includes the task for Nov 9th group three nov 2nd

Below are firstly the text to read and secondly another BBC programme on the same subject that we will listen to, as well, or at least part of it. Finally there is the podcast of the talk (of the text)

antibiotics in farming – harford   



We have now finished with Tim Harford and his 50 ideas at least for the moment. . After Christmas we will be talking about George Orwell to whom a statue has just been erected outside the BBC. I will order books for us all at Buchhandlung Born in the Ladenstraße.

The people who are going to Scotland on April 22nd will meet at Alison’s at 10.30 on November 30th.


Everybody please reads the first three pages of a short story called ‘The Before-Christmas-Present’ which you already have.
We are also reading a chapter
Christmas Correspondence’from Nina Stibbe’s book about Christmas. Manfred does not, as yet, have that text.