KIEZgroup (Lower Intermediate Group)


A Lower Intermediate group(supported by the Mittelhof) in KIEZladen,Onkel Toms Hütte U-Bahnhof

It takes place on Tuesdays from 14.45 – 16.15 until Christmas.

In 2018 it will take place 12.30 – 14.00

To download this week’s homework go to the bottom of this text.

10 Kiezladen Mittelhof

Inh. Stadtteilzentrum Mittelhof e.V.
Ladenstraße 27/28, 14169 Berlin
Telefon: 801975-40
s. Kurs-Termine im Schaufenster


I expect we will usually start our time together talking about our (mainly) cultural experience in the previous week. We will also do some other warming-up activities.

Then we will talk about something you have read at home and what you have been thinking about. Some of you know each other, others are new. We will experiment with talking in a big group and talking in pairs or groups of three.

We’ll start by talking about autumn, how you experience it and what you like and dopn’t like about it. We’ll also be listening to some (easy) stories of people who did something in their lives which needed courage. So we’ll also talk about being courageous.

(Stories of Courage, Clare Grey, Penguin Active Reading – but you’ll listen as much as read.)

‘Talking’ means just that – but also looking at the words you need, nicer words for the ones you think of – and so on. You can tell me what you would likte to do – and see if other people agree with you!

Look at this picture from a book called CHANGEMAKERS:

(Nobel Peace Prize winner W. M. is presenting a young refugee now living in a refugee camp in Tanzania with a prize. It is called ‘The Children’s Peace Prize’. This picture was taken in 2009.)

We have talked a bit about autumn and migration (birds)  – and then moved on to something more positive than the news we hear every day: there is a Children’s Peace Prize and we  are looking at information about the childred who have won it – and for what.

KIEZgroup Oct 10th

KIEZ 17.10.17 page 1

KIEZ 24th Oct

In the lesson from 24th you will read that there is some reading to be done from photocopies for Nov 7th (no class on Oct 31st which is a public holiday). If you do not have this paper please get in touch with me and ask for it. I can send it to you. It is from the book: CHANGEMAKERS but you won’t be able to buy the book.

On 7th we will look at the information about the different prize-winning children and decide which of them we will read more about.

Not everybody in the group knows each other so please make an acrostic with your name and interests for for 7th Nov, too. Thank you.

We have started our Christmas reading: The Before-Christmas Present by Rosamunde Pilcher

:1) pilcher vocab before xmas first pages

2) vocab Before-Christmas-Present

3) first three pages of before xmas present

4) spotlight interview pilcher

Here is the lesson from Dec 5th KIEZgroup Dec 5th

For 12th please read the story up to the end of page 184 and also read the whole of the interview with Prs Pilcher in Spotlight.
In class we listened to an interview with BILD and there are also othersw. The references are all in this lesson: KIEZgroup Nov 28th

We will meet on 12th and 19th December

and then again on 9th January (then at 12.30)