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Group Four

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Welcome to 2019!


The English saying “no pain, no gain” is our motto : we’re confident, cheerful , eager Over-Sixties.  Alison  teaches us weekly : vocabulary, discussion, tenses and reading/writing stories. It’s easier said than done remembering it all. But, chin up, take your time. You’ll be motivated and learn stresslessly and regularly.

Christa-Maria and Reinhard Rieck. (50 words – a kind of minisaga)

The men and women in this group all, of course, want to improve their English,

some of them even have adult children living in England!  They are all highly

motivated – and their eagerness is infectious!

We are planning a trip to York in May so we’re reading texts about that part of the world –

Henry Moore, The Mouse man – all not too easy –

so we’ll start January with a short story that is just fun – I’ll give you photocopies. It’s called ‘A good man’ and is by H.E. Bates.