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Group Four


Welcome to 2018 and Our Souls at Night’.

Please read up to page 14 for 18th January

The English saying “no pain, no gain” is our motto : we’re confident, cheerful , eager Over-Sixties.  Alison  teaches us weekly : vocabulary, discussion, tenses and reading/writing stories. It’s easier said than done remembering it all. But, chin up, take your time. You’ll be motivated and learn stresslessly and regularly.

Christa-Maria and Reinhard Rieck. (50 words – a kind of minisaga)

The men and women in this group all, of course, want to improve their English,

some of them even have adult children living in England!  They are all highly

motivated – and their eagerness is infectious!

Sometimes we are to be seen in unusual places!

We have finished  talking about Wangari Maathai’s autobiography in the Penguin reader edition: Unbowed

and have also read Penguin Reader The Wind in the WIllows.

We have now also finished reading:  Penguin Reader: Billy Elliot.

and  ‘Evening Class’ by Maeve Binchy:

Image result for about a boy

We have finished  reading Penguin Reader: About a Boy (Nick Hornby)   and also ‘The Brontes’.   Image result for the brontes oxford bookworm

2017    Happy New Year!

We’ll be looking at the history of Scotlandf but also Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Here is a film about him: Exclusive Charles Rennie MacIntosh tour Glasgow ScotlandThen we’ll be talking about this and that Scottish – starting with  Charles Rennie Mackintosh Image result for Charles Rennie Mackintosh pitkin guide

Image result for Charles Rennie Mackintosh pitkin guide CMR himself                     Image result for Charles Rennie Mackintosh pitkin guide his kind of designImage result for Charles Rennie Mackintosh pitkin guideThe Tea Rooms in Glasgow


We’re going to read Jack London’s ‘The Call of the Wild’ while so many of us are coming and going on holiday. You have the first part to read for our next meeting. After that I hope to play you parts of it to listen to without reading. (But at the moment the cd-rom won’t work!!!).

Wishing you a happy Easter – Alison



I suggest you consider these three podcasts – and choose on which I will prepare in bits for class:

1) TheDocumentary-20180307-HerStoryMadeHistoryEllenJohnsonSirleaf

or ‘live’ at


Her Story Made History: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The Documentary

Lyse Doucet travels to Liberia to talk to former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was the first elected female head of state in Africa.


or ‘live’ at


The Swedish Ambassador’s Guide to Britain

The Documentary

Nicola Clase, Swedish Ambassador to the UK for six years until 2016, is fascinated by the British mindset and, unusually for a diplomat, goes out to meet ordinary people in an attempt to understand it better. She travels to all four countries in the UK, talking to farmers, postmen, writers and to some about to adopt British citizenship for the very first time.

3) TheDocumentary-20180225-TheLostWorldOfTheSuffragettes

or ‘live’ at


The Lost World of the Suffragettes

The Documentary

In the 1970s, historian Sir Brian Harrison embarked on a huge project to record the experiences of women who had been part of the UK suffrage movement in the early part of the 20th Century. Now in the 100th anniversary year of women in Britain finally being granted the vote, journalist Jane Garvey listens through some of the 205 tapes to get an idea of their lives as well as the risks and sacrifices the women made in their fight for equality.