Group one

KIEZgroup (Lower Intermediate Group)


A Lower Intermediate group(supported by the Mittelhof) in KIEZladen,Onkel Toms Hütte U-Bahnhof

Tuesdays  12.30 – 14.00

To download this week’s homework go to the bottom of this text.

10 Kiezladen Mittelhof

Inh. Stadtteilzentrum Mittelhof e.V.
Ladenstraße 27/28, 14169 Berlin
Telefon: 801975-40
s. Kurs-Termine im Schaufenster


I expect we will usually start our time together talking about our (mainly) cultural experience in the previous week. We will also do some other warming-up activities.

Then we will talk about something you have read at home and what you have been thinking about. Some of you know each other, others are new. We will experiment with talking in a big group and talking in pairs or groups of three.

On November 6th we’ll be talking about:: Frido Kahlo Getting personal