This might interest you

You can find up to date news and links to interesting stories at

This is a fascinating history of department stores:

Do you eat Jagdwurst and Lebertwurst and stuff? Then have a look at:




There is a comprehensive new programme. TheWorld This Week.

It’s worth listening to a few times because you will recognize some of the content

and it is all topical and relevant to our lives!

There are also some other new BBC World Service Programmes:

1) – for and by women: The Conversation – new weekly programme about women, by women – for everyone, “By showcasing the paths to success of two inspiring women each week we hope to challenge some of the prejudices which women still face globally.

2)There is one called ‘The Inquiry’ at   In it experts analyse a pressing question from the news.

3)    – about how food is produced and more, called ‘The Food Chain’

– We all know quite a bit about Malala but do you know anything about Kailash Satyarthi?

–  I wonder what you make of: :Germany struggles to adapt to immigrant influx  By Jenny Hill BBC Berlin correspondent

Mantel Assassination of Thatcher is anew story. Sooner or later I’ll buy the whole collection.

– You can read a moving letter: letter to the world by the Liberian president and also listen to it at:

And the antidote in a way is: NYT Ebola Steven King

– Beatlemania? Their houses are now a talking point – and a financial one:

– If you look through the things judiciously there are intersting items on ‘Outlook’ (BBC world service), though not all. There are clips at:

The Learning English site at the BBC is at etc.

1. At    you can find lots of idioms and texts which illustrate them.

2. The Why Factor (18 minutes)  You can download programmes about why we chase balls (may be?), ageing (!) and much more.

Try browsing around!