Lerngruppe 3 Group three


Group Three Thursdays 10.30 – 12.00  Upper Intermediate,

Bibliothek, Gemeindehaus, Emmaus Gemeinde,

Onkel-Tom-Straße 80, 14169 Berlin

To find out what to do for next week, scroll to the bottom!

This is a group of people who are interested in all the usual things which will help them improve and remember their English. Some want to use their English travelling or talking to visitors, some need it for relatives-in-law and some…….

Homework for Thursday 21st March 2024   Group Three Brooklyn 14th March 24 vocab for next

Meeting March 21st : Group Three 21.3.24 Xmas excerpt Brooklyn Alison

After Easter, on Thursday April 4th, we will be talking about a first extract from Paul Harding’s The Other Eden, than was on the short list for the Booker Prize in 2024 and was recommended by the magazine Spotlight. I think the book is very stimulating.

On April 4th we will talk about the first four pages of this pdf : extracts penguin and india this other eden

Here is some help with the language Vocab. This other eden 1

For April 11th:

READ ALOUD part 1 READ ON ,   Feb 24                       

READ ALOUD part 2 READ ON Feb 24

On April 11th we will start to read aloud ourselves : J B Priestly, An Inspector Calls. This is an experiment and we’ll see how we get on.

On April 18th (and thereafter) we will continue to read aloud from J B Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’. We will start on that day on page 23 (The other four exchange bewildered and perturbed glances.) I expect we will finish talking about it on April 25th. It is interesting…..

Preistley group three 18.4.24

On 18th April we read up to page 43 in in the EINFach Englisch edition and I expect that next week we’ll read to page 59 (near the bottom). We’ll only finish on May 2nd.

It seems that the reading aloud is an interesting experience and everybody has been reading very convincingly!

vocab so far – especially ‘offence’, ‘to offend’, ‘offensive’, ‘offender’

(I can offend you – beleidigen, but you can also offend against somebody and against a law…..so an offender = Straftäter)

remember : to blame = to say somebody else is at fault

blamieren = to disgrace

sneak – may be you know the word ‘sneak preview’. You are hoswn a bit of a film or a book before it is officially allowed. A ‘sneak’ in my life was a child who went to a teacher and told the teacher what some other child was doing wrong. Petzer. Basically the verb means schleichen.

Group Three 25.4.24

Unfortunately we couldn’t start reading Olive Kitteridge as soon as I had hoped because not enough copies were avilable.  Today we wound up Priestley’s An Inspector Calls ( Group Three 2nd May 2024 Winding up Priestly)  So please read these texts below for May 16th, when we next meet.

Rushdie edited for Group Three My 16th 2024    ,   News in levels. Book bans.

Why we come : It was 2012 when I started to teach peers and I did read up some other people’s ideas about it. I also asked people when they started, why they were coming, but after a while I stopped – for various reasons. Perhaps it would be useful for us to talk about it? I started to make a questionnaire but I am not trained in that and I think I will ask you to deliberate with yourselves first.

You looked at the following questions and answered:

For for the stimulus or more for the English? 1: 6 for English

More for the content or more to use the language? 3 : 8 for the language

More for the brain or more for the soul? 7 : 2 for the brain

More to be able to communicate better with others in English or more to read, listen or watch English? 6 for communication

More for the once a week or more to use and think English (or the brain) during the week, too? 0 : 5 for during the week.

We are now reading  ‘Olive Kitteridge’  by Elizabeth Strout.  ISBN 9781849831550    

On May 23rd we will talk about the story  ‘A little burst’ (pages 74 – 91)   It seems as though you have missed something, but it is a surprise start for all readers.      A little Burst glossary

If you would like to think about special aspects beforehand or top write something, here are my ideas: Group Three A little Burst’ disc.

You might also enjoy somethng about the author and the book : O K in pop matters

On May 30th we will talk about ‘The Piano Player’ (unless this is too much all at once). Here is some help and some ideas: Group Three The Piano Player

I am on holiday until we meet on June 20th and I hope you will manage to read the first story : Pharmacy      for that meeting. It’s quite long but is straight narrative (with one long flashback). Now you are already familiar with the characters it shold be easy to follow. Here is vocabulary help – and some thoughts but not many as you will want to think for yourselves first!

Pharmacy glossary

On June 20th we will meet at Kate’s : Juttastr 3.  (Kate Kirstaedter, 14169, tel: 030 802 2255)